27 March 2018

Beware the Barrenness of a Busy Life

Firstly I’m going to fess up to the title of this Blog – I didn’t think it up okay. Some fella Socrates did, like over a hundred years ago. He’s dead now, but was a really clever bugger apparently, until he was accused of corrupting the youth of Athens and sentenced to die by drinking a nice hemlock drink.

Anyway, if he were alive now, I think he would look around and think, WTF are these people doing in this so called modern age. The measures of success in material terms we use to monitor how we are doing as humans are off the chart. Especially compared to Socrates time, and yet every year I witness people being more frenetic than ever before. And it is concerning me!

Last year I made mention of this frantic phenomenon thinking it was a blyp, only to have bloody franticness get worse this year. We are seeing absenteeism from CQ meetings higher than the average, mainly due to busyness. Busy doing what?

I have mentioned in the newsletter meeting Bob Seldon, who is a linguistics expert, and he explained the power of language. How it often determines what we do. What I find interesting are the number of people who ask me when we first meet ‘are you busy’? as a greeting.
‘Are you busy’? And I say no I’m not. I find it mind numbing, that this is a greeting that many find positive.

A CQ member said to me recently, during a major personal upheaval in his life, that ‘work came first’. He said he may not be able to go to his CQ meeting because he was soooo busy. Really?

If ever he was to take stock it was right then – but no, the addiction to work remained. He did make the meeting thankfully and was grateful for the solace.

Who cares if you’re number one in your field and if the whole world thinks you’re a success when your friends and family barely see you, and when they do, you’re too busy thinking about the many things that you have to DO to even pay attention to them.

As a facilitator I often witnessed people being constantly busy, and it was often to numb out what was really going on in their lives. They were using busyness like a drug.

This is a short Blog this month as I have no idea what the problem is, that underlies this issue, let alone have any answers.

In fact this piece from Jennifer Garvey Berger’s Blog is far more eloquent.

Ian Harvey (Harv)


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