30 May 2022

Don’t die wondering…

“Don’t die wondering!” This was the advice I got from my sage mate, Anake Goodall, on the way to the airport after hosting the Impact Team that had come to help us work on our future plans for Collective Intelligence.

I’m now in the 63rd year of my life, and some days I feel like an irreverent dinosaur trying to navigate technology and other days, like a bright-eyed youngster excited about the path ahead.

It’s like flip-flopping between two totally different states. I’m doing some of my best work ever curating and facilitating, and I’m not so onto it with other aspects. I feel the gap is widening and I need to gather more resources to close it up. But time is ticking on… and at my stage of life it’s got a little bit ‘squeaky and sharp’ thinking about this. So, I’m working to make the most of my time like never before.

I’ve been reading about our Stolen Focus recently and undergoing some training with Sue Johnston on increasing my personal focus. I’ve already made some adjustments, and I need to, as I’ve got plenty of stuff that I want to be doing.

One thing, which is a big deal for me to acknowledge, is I’m going to ‘write me a book’ about my journey and why I started Collective Intelligence. During the process of plucking up the courage to map out a book (with the help of Andrew Melville) I had to dig deep to identify when my life underwent a trajectory change. Classic thing is – it’s not what or when I thought. It’s like I have finally worked out my purpose, and that feels wonderful, so now I need to step into that space more boldly.

And so I am and so I shall.

However, I can only achieve so much. It will require the help of many.

I feel very proud that here at Collective Intelligence we are creating a governance team and culture that is dynamic, fluid and adaptable. This is the result of careful curation to bring together a mix of talent and pragmatism that I have never had around me as a founder. It’s next level!

CollAb - our board

Our next-level governance team known as the ‘CollAB’ (Collective Intelligence Advisory Board): From L to R: Harv, Andrea de Almeida, Tina Jennan, Finn Shewell, Matt Doyle & Marg Kouvelis. Absent: Rārite Mātaki.

The CollAB at work in an ecosystem in May 2022 (not our ecosystem – but the Pūkaha-Mt Bruce bush ecosystem).

The first multi-disciplinary team I’ve curated has been The Wellbeing Protocol, which is working together right now on a wicked alternative to the welfare system. Have a read of their White Paper – it is epic systems change on a grand scale.

Then there’s the aspect of redesigning our traditional business model from an ‘organisation’ to a ‘people ecosystem’ – a concept that has been captured and represented by our wonderful new music by Horomona Horo and Dr Jeremy Mayall (hear all about it in Episode 58 of our Stuff that Matters podcast).

Near the end of the interview, you will hear Horomona quote a proverb from Te Puea Hērangi of Waikato:

“Ko te ohonga ake o taku moemoea, ko tērā te pūāwaitanga o te whakaaro.”
“The awakening of our dreams, is the blossoming of our aspirations”

This pretty much sums up how I’m feeling right now on this journey of discovery and wonder. It’s so easy to stop dreaming when you are up to your elbows in the doing stuff.

‘Don’t die wondering’ now means to me to… be bold…be brave…believe in the planning, and believe in the f……g amazing people that are helping with open hearts and wickedly smart minds.

And Anake, I assure you… I’m not going to die wondering brother!

Header image credit: Bonny Beattie

Ian Harvey (Harv)


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