26 January 2021

Imagining…the impact we can make together

“I have a dream…”

What an epic line from an iconic speech.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day was commemorated on 18 January in the USA, and I wonder what the great man would think about the current situation in his country. He would certainly be smiling to see Kamala Harris being sworn in.

Meanwhile at Aramoana Beach in the Hawke’s Bay, I too have been dreaming over the summer break, but I won’t claim that famous line. However…here’s what’s in my thinkery for 2021.

Fourteen years ago I started playing with this idea of creating a ‘thing’ to support business people. It was an idea I had trialled before and it worked. It was a very simple idea – a team of business people helping each other with their stuff. I had an epic name for it too – The Bumble Bee Company – cross pollination of ideas. Thought it up by myself.


Today, Collective Intelligence has evolved into a wonderful, diverse ecosystem of people drawn from many walks of life, and we know (and have measured) what our impact is:

Members become more effective by developing enduring relationships at work, at home and with themselves.

While 2020 was a unique and difficult year, there is no evidence to suggest it’s going to get any less complex in the near future. This is why I am excited for our future at Collective Intelligence, the impact we help our members create, and the potential of our brand-new initiative – Impact Teams.

To thrive in this new paradigm of uncertainty and change, individuals and organisations will need to be highly effective to keep up. Dreaming of any sort of status quo is now a mere giggle. If you are a member of Collective Intelligence, you are not part of the status quo. We are at the forefront of evolving people to create a better world. We are bloody good at it, and the tools we offer you are even more relevant now than they were 14 years ago.

How so? Let me tell you.

Collective Intelligence – what impact will it have on ME?

When you join one of our curated teams:

  • You will gain connection with clever, cool people who will have your wellbeing at heart. This connection becomes deeper with every meeting.
  • You will develop your courage – all in a safe place where you can explore your vulnerability (the core of bravery) and learn from being with others with different worldviews.
  • You will gain clarity on what is important for you to be focussed on in your life. Your team meetings are a time to ‘press pause’ and focus deeply on you. Your own (at times delusional) reality will be challenged by a diverse group of fellow humans, who give a sh*t, but aren’t wrapped up in your life.
  • You will be held accountable for what you want to work on, as this is peer-to-peer learning on steroids. It’s super-stimulating as you get a chance to get in behind the scenes of what is going on in other industries and other people’s lives.
  • And you’ll gain perspective – as a product of your peer-to-peer learning. Personally, one of my favourite all-time quotes was from a member who said, “I thought my situation was tough, and now I have a whole new perspective on this!”.


Team meeting in action

You’ll get a dose of the above three times a year as part of your team’s face-to-face meetings.

The result? You’ll evolve into this new world we’re now living in and be better prepared to weather its ups and downs.

New to what we do? See how our process works in our Visual Summary – or read our latest guest blog from member Ballard Pritchett on the impact Collective Intelligence has had on his life and work.

Collective Intelligence – what part can you play in other’s lives (the WE)?

As a Collective Intelligence member, what impact will YOU have on others in your team?

This is a concept that’s often not given enough oxygen. Being in one of our teams means your unique contribution will impact on eight other lives. That in turn will impact dozens, and at times hundreds of others’ lives because of your influence within your team. How cool is that.

Do you need to be more effective and want to help others do the same? Drop us a line.

Team meeting in action 2

Beyond Collective Intelligence – how we collectively can contribute to shaping our WORLD

Our first Impact Teams project is underway as you read this blog. Literally. An Impact Team is working on a business in Napier on 27-28 January 2021. Six members have congregated from across the country to focus on an exciting new initiative – helping it come to life and thrive.

Aotearoa-New Zealand has handled COVID-19 because we have worked together for a common purpose. Impact Teams are doing the same for businesses. We’ve got a diverse pool of entrepreneurs, professionals, farmers and business leaders who are all prepared to leave their work for two days to go and help other companies (who they’re not connected to), focus on becoming what they want to be.

I get a lump in my throat just thinking about it.

One of our original Collective Intelligence members from 14 years ago was a chap, Stuart Elingham, who was also our first-ever member to participate in a Host Day in 2008. It’s incredibly poignant and rewarding for me that Stuart is now a member of this very first Impact Team activation.

Stuart said to me recently:

This is what I believed could be created from Collective Intelligence when I first joined.

He could see it before I could. Thanks for your support Stuart, and for being involved.

We are resourced with wonderful processes and have access to an amazing array of cool people. Hundreds of them. We are ready and waiting to mobilise and empower your impact.

Give me a call if you need to innovate your enterprise.


Ian Harvey (Harv)


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