Executive Coaching

We provide individual coaching for executives and managers wanting to go to the next level in their growth and development.

Our experienced coaches come from rich background of theory and practice. Meaning we support leaders to take a systemic view of their leadership – both inside and outside the workplace.

Our coaches design and foster robust and confidence-building working partnerships, underpinned by sound coaching principles, ethics and global standards. They use validated techniques that draw on neuroscience, developmental psychology, education, organisation development, wellness, mindfulness and systems thinking.

Our 1:1 coaching with executives often leads to team coaching within the client’s organization. Typically, this includes working together to share values, develop effective behaviours and agree strategic goals. Our approach helps individuals and the whole team fully maximise the performance of the wider system they are in.

Our coaches are approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF), namely:

  • Sue Johnston

    Facilitator & Coach

    A collective intelligence member of a team facilitated by Sue said she could clearly see what Sue’s ‘why’ was. She told Sue that she saw her like a gardener – clearing out the weeds and mess, watering and feeding, so people could get on and grow. “You grow people”, she said.

    Spot on. Sue says her why is to encourage and enthuse people so that they discover what’s really possible in their life and work – and go for it. Sue’s specialty is gently moving people and teams through the knowing – doing gap. From knowing what’s possible towards making it happen.

    Sue has been a Collective Intelligence facilitator since 2011. She brings with her a wisdom and style honed by working for over 20 years with people and complex systems to find improvements that make a difference. She is a certified leadership coach with the International Coach Federation. She is also a Results Certified Coach with the NeuroLeadership Institute and a Certified Daring Way™ and Dare to Lead™ Facilitator working with leaders and organisations committed to becoming more authentic leaders through encouraging innovation and growing courageous and connected teams. Sue’s background as a sportsperson (she played water polo for New Zealand and represented her province in three sports), and having worked in the health and public policy space continue to shape her work as she continues to share her wisdom with people in these arenas.

    Sue lives in Greytown, New Zealand where she mountain bikes, dances samba and enjoys good food and wine.

  • Kathy Tracey

    Executive & Team Coach

    Kia ora. I’m Kathy and I’m a Systemic Team & Leadership Coach and Facilitator (and former Collective Intelligence Team Facilitator). I hold a Master Coach Credential from the International Coaching Federation and serve on their leadership team.

    In my practice I help people to explore the pulls and pushes from the human, organisational and ecosystems they inhabit so that they can understand more fully their own feelings and behaviours, and those around them. It’s an outside-inside approach and sometimes an inside-outside approach! Developing systemic understanding and clarity enables people to make better decisions about their futures, their goals, and their focus areas.

    I spent 30 years in the UK and Europe travelling and learning my trade whilst still remaining fiercely loyal to my Kiwi roots (ask anyone who saw me at Twickenham during that time!) I’m loving being back in New Zealand and being useful to clients here across public and private sectors. I have a small business background too, building my British consultancy company up to a successful sale position before I came home. I also enjoy consulting on small business planning and leadership.

    My claim to fame is a Guinness World Record for rowing across the Atlantic. The 67 days spent at sea not only gave me a great topic for conference keynotes, but also taught me much about personal resilience and the ‘magic’ that happens outside your comfort zone.

ICF is the leading global organisation that advances the coaching profession. ICF sets high standards and gives independent certification.

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