14 February 2022

Spring MeetUP 2022

Diary our Spring MeetUP dates!
Our first mini MeetUP online (over 3 days) will be held in Spring 2022
(30 August – 1 September)

Keep a watch on this page for more details

Spring MeetUP

Members and alumni – thank you for being a part of our online, big March MeetUP
(7-18 March 2022)

(Please note that these sessions have been recorded with permission of participants for sharing with the wider Collective Intelligence membership and alumni. They are not for sharing in public settings without permission of those involved – please contact us to discuss):

Monday 7 March | 9.30am Opening/Welcome & Whakawhanaungatanga [0:54:33]
Monday 7 March | 12.30pm UNscripted Citizenship Panel Conversation Part 1 of 2 [1:32:56]
Tuesday 8 March | 10.15am NO RECORDING – session cancelled
Tuesday 8 March | 12.30pm “Just ‘cos Clark takes it up the arse doesn’t mean we all have to”: the dangers of mysogyny to female leadership – Anna Dean [0:58:22]
Tuesday 8 March | 3pm The Women of BCorp: Past, Present & Future – BLab Au/NZ Panel [1:15:17]
Wednesday 9 March | 10am Raising Your Adaptability Intelligence – Rich Alderton (UK) [1:17:57]
Wednesday 9 March | 12.30pm Learning about the new revolution that is Web3 – Mark Pascall [1:33:14]
Wednesday 9 March | 3pm Reinventing Social Welfare: The Wellbeing Protocol / Cannons’ Coin Project – Mark Pascall – NO RECORDING – Download Whitepaper on Wellbeing Project
Thursday 10 March | 9.45am Get to know more about your nervous system: polyvagal theory – Jill Boucher (AU) & Manda Johnson [1:35:31]
Thursday 10 March | 12.30pm Leading with Authenticity – Sue Johnston – NO RECORDING
Thursday 10 March | 3pm If leadership is dead – what replaces it? – Tonia Cawood, Danny Auger & Harv [1:35:43]
Friday 11 March | 20 Minute Quickfire Session 1: How to deal with stress and overwhelm, and get recharged? Do a Lifestar scan and find out – Sue Johnston [0:29:09]
Friday 11 March | 20 Minute Quickfire Session 2: Why sex toys are improving the sex lives of women and their partners – Viv Conway (Collective Intelligence Koru Scholar) [0:35:41]
Monday 14 March | Social Witnessing: our government – reacting or responding? – Manda Johnson & Robert Buxbaum – NO RECORDING
Monday 14 March | Exploring emotional changes during this current time: life, work world & the stages of life – Ben Preston & Harv [1:55:10]
Monday 14 March | UNscripted Citizenship Panel Conversation Part 2 of 2 [1:10:52]
Tuesday 15 March | A Morning Meditation with Lisa Markwick [0:25:39]
Tuesday 15 March | The magic of curiosity: from self-protective to courageous leadership – Sue Johnston – NO RECORDING
Tuesday 15 March | A new vision for Collective Intelligence + re-imagining the design of our ecosystem – Davy Qian, Bettina Anderson & Harv [1:07:17]
Tuesday 15 March | Farming to restore our troubled ecosystems (regenerative agriculture) – Jules Matthews & Lance Gillespie [1:58:22]
Wednesday 16 March | Morning Meditation with Manda Johnson [0:22:59]
Wednesday 16 March | How work is changing: what people want from their work / employers & how might we respond as leaders? – Melissa Jenner [1:01:06]
Wednesday 16 March | Designing a successful community: The Collective Intelligence edition – Finn Shewell & Andy Ayrey
Wednesday 16 March | Where does ‘Te Ao Māori’ intersect with my professional world? | Jon Lasenby (Facilitator) with panel: Rārite Mātaki, Dr Anthony Cole & Dr Nik Coupe
Thursday 17 March | Leaps in learnings: a response to disruption – Steve Henry [0:53:38]
Thursday 17 March | The 3 elements of self-compassion: self-kindness, common humanity & mindfulness – Manda Johnson & Jill Boucher [1:38:05]
Thursday 17 March | How to make bold moves in uncertain times – Anita Perkins & Harv [1:09:05]
Friday 18 March | Closing & Reflections – Harv [0:45:54]

2022 marks fifteen years of Collective Intelligence.
Late in February 2022 we decided to turn the challenge that Omicron threw at us (limiting how we bring our teams together around the country face-to-face) into an opportunity, and bring our ecosystem together online in a way we’d not done before.

This event was for both our current members AND our alumni – an online gathering that you could dip into and out of over two weeks. Some sessions were wide open – welcoming others who are on the same journey as us in re-imagining leadership development. Some sessions were just for our members and alumni (our ecosystem).

ALUMNI | a personal invitation from our founder, Ian ‘Harv’ Harvey:
As one of hundreds of alumni who’ve been in one of our teams, we’d like to invite you to connect back into our ecosystem – our community of Collective Intelligencers:

SIGN UP TO our Alumni mailing list (and stay informed about future events like this and other ecosystem activities). Join our Members & Alumni closed facebook group to get progamme details as they are released.

MEMBERS | a personal invitation from Harv:
Come – join us online and meet the rest of our ecosystem – not just your team mates. This online smorgasboard of Collective Intelligence-facilitated sessions will look to bring you the things you need to start the year well, explore new possiblities and regenerate yourself:

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