10 December 2021

Our COVID CODE – Traffic Light System

Last updated: 11 December 2021

Over the past 6 months we’ve been working on how we think about (and present to the world) this marvellous group of clever and courageous humans that you are a part of – this colourful ‘people ecosystem’ we call Collective Intelligence.

Thank you for adapting
COVID-19’s appearance in our lives has caused immense change and added layers of complexity to our environment, particularly around how we meet and interact. We are very grateful to you all for evolving and adapting to the changes we’ve had to put in place (along with every other business in Aotearoa) in the last couple of years.

Meetings Under the New Traffic Light System
The latest impact to our ecosystem was on Friday 3 December 2021, when the country moved to the COVID Protection Framework (Traffic Light system).

Under this new Traffic Light system our team meetings around the country are classed as small events (close-contact services). For us, whether we operate collectively under either a) a ‘Vaccine Pass’ or b) a ‘No Vaccine Pass’ system will impact significantly on how we can run our meeting ‘events’ at the different traffic light settings. Here’s a simple breakdown of what we can and can’t do under each approach for context:

Meetings at traffic light settings

You can check the current Traffic Light Status map for regions in Aotearoa-NZ here.

Weighing up Diversity, Safety & Practicality
We want our meeting spaces and places we use to be as safe as they can be for everyone in our ecosystem. Meeting face-to-face has always been a precious part of the ‘magic’, the sharing, and the connections that teams develop when spending time together in a communal space.

We acknowledge that COVID vaccination is a very personal decision. Our Collective Intelligence values mean that we want to maintain the beautiful diversity of our ecosystem and we seek to do our best to accommodate an individual’s choices where we can.

We know people’s choices are being compromised under this new framework. People are also living out of fear and control instead of kindness and we see that many people are hurting. Being excluded is NO fun.

We are also very conscious that:

  • our membership includes many people who work:
    • in healthcare
    • in businesses where COVID cases have immense implications for business continuity, or
    • with parts of our community who are too young to /can’t be vaccinated, or are vulnerable, and
  • for now, most air travel, meeting venues, accommodation and catering/dining options we regularly utilise for team meetings will require vaccine passes to gain access/entry


Taking all this into account, we feel that the best way to ensure the collective well-being of our members, our facilitators and our staff, is to require that all members attending face-to-face meetings with their Collective Intelligence teams need to be fully vaccinated.

vaccine pass

Here’s all the info you need to go about setting yourself up with a Vaccine Pass. Note that all passes expire 6 months from the date of issue, or on 1 June 2022, whichever comes sooner.

What will Collective Intelligence meetings in 2022 require?

** We are alerting you to our Vaccine Pass Policy now, for if vaccination is something that you’re still considering, this gives you time to get the double-jab vaccination process underway before Christmas (so that you’re fully vaccinated by the time our first tranche of 2022 meetings kick-off in February).

In 2022 when you attend a face-to-face (F2F) Collective Intelligence team meeting, we will need you:

  • to be double vaccinated and present a valid My Vaccine Pass to enter our meeting environment (and also typically for air travel, to enter public meeting venues, cafes/hospitality venues, book accommodation, and to enter some host businesses (for member Host Days))
  • if you are not vaccinated (or have only one vaccination of your two) you will not be able to attend the meeting in person, but you are welcome to attend virtually and connect with your team online (via Zoom).
  • if you have a vaccine medical exemption – please discuss this situation with your facilitator, and we will make provision for you to attend virtually.

**Please note that if you are a host for a Host Day and you are unvaccinated, you will not be able to host your team in person, but will be able to virtually.

In 2022, our Collective Intelligence facilitators & staff will:

  • view and scan/record your My Vaccine Pass when you enter your team meeting.
  • ensure any non-team members attending a meeting in person (e.g. for Host Day interviews or to provide specialised training) are also double vaccinated, and show us a valid My Vaccine Pass.

What about our Base-Team office and Collective Intelligence staff?
As we all belong to the same ecosystem, the same approach will apply: all our Base-Team staff and facilitators are currently double-vaccinated and we require anyone accessing our Base-Team office premises in Feilding to be double vaccinated and hold a My Vaccine Pass.

Review & Risk Management
Our country’s response to COVID is ever evolving and so too must our approach and our assessment of risk to our ecosystem. During 2022 we will constantly review this policy, updating it to reflect current best practice, scientific and public health advice, and to ensure we continue to mitigate the level of risk to our collective wellbeing.

Membership Cancellation
We acknowledge that some of you may consider not to continue your membership with us in 2022 because of the constraints of the new COVID Protection Framework. If this is you, we would really appreciate having a chat to you about this first – please call or email Harv (Ian Harvey) to discuss any concerns you have.

Feedback and Questions
If you have any feedback or questions about our COVID policy, please talk to your team facilitator in the first instance, or contact Harv for a chat.

Thank you all.

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