10 December 2021

Our 2022 COVID CODE – Traffic Light System

Code requirements last updated: 8 June 2022

Thank you for adapting
The presence of COVID-19 in our lives has added layers of complexity to how we go about meeting and interacting. We’re very grateful to all in our ‘people ecosystem’ for continuing to evolve and adapt alongside us, as we apply these ever-changing public health requirements.

Our approach:
We talk to our members, staff and contractors and seek the advice of health professionals when evaluating each change/update to our COVID code. It is important to us to strike a balance between adhering to the best health advice AND weighing up the risks and the value of bringing people together face-to-face around the country in our unique team-meeting environments.

Current situation:
The Traffic Light System was significantly revised in April 2022 – you can view the current settings here.

How Collective Intelligence team meetings will run under each Traffic Light setting:

Visual depiction of meetings at each traffic light

Our COVID code of conduct:
When attending meetings and events with us, we expect all within the Collective Intelligence ecosystem to adhere to current public health guidelines. If you are unwell, slightly unwell or still recovering from illness do not attend a face-to-face meeting – please look after yourself and others.

We’re very conscious of the challenges associated with getting sick whilst travelling away from home; that personal health needs may impact on an individual’s decision to attend meetings or not; and that there is the potential for increasingly infectious variants to emerge in the future that we’ll all need to respond to.

The key things now in place to manage our collective safety are:

  • QR codes – are now NOT required to be scanned in public settings. We are not using our Collective Intelligence Facilitated-Meeting QR codes (unless the country’s QR Code scanning system is stood up again should the need arise). Some venues you attend for meetings/dining may still have QR codes displayed.
  • Vaccine passes – are now NOT required to access the venues and hospitality settings we use for our meetings, so as a business we do not require you to show a ‘My Vaccine Pass’ to:
    • attend our face-to-face team meetings/events, or
    • be interviewed as part of- or act as a host for-, host-day meetings.
  • Mask wearing – in indoor meeting environments you will need to be guided by the mask-wearing requirements of the current traffic light setting (plus any specific public transport/public venue/restaurant requirements). As an individual, where mask wearing is not required under current traffic light settings, it will be up to you how you choose to manage your personal risk and comfort level around this. We ask that as a matter of courtesy that you don a mask in your meeting if you have any external visitors to your meeting space (venue staff, host-day interviewees, presenters etc). Your facilitator will guide you on this.
  • RAT Tests & Risk Management – if you and/or your family members are not sick and required by public health guidelines to isolate, but you think you may have had some recent close contacts that could impact on your COVID status, please think of your team-mates and take a rapid antigen test (RAT) prior to attending your meeting (whether you have COVID-19 symptoms or not). If you develop any symptoms whilst attending your 2-day meeting, please isolate yourself immediately, take a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) as soon as you can (we urge you to travel with your own test supply, but facilitators will have some tests in their kits if you need them), and then call to discuss your situation with your facilitator.
  • Ventilation – we know that good ventilation (natural and HEPA-filter) reduces the transmission risk indoors, so when booking meeting venues, we will be checking this and asking our facilitators to manage on-site ventilation. Please ensure you have warmer clothes than you might have had in the past to account for cooler venue temperatures where natural ventilation is being relied on.
  • Sanitiser & hygiene – venues and our facilitators will support these practices on-site with hygiene kits and regular high-touch surface cleaning.

Review & risk management
Our country’s response to COVID is ever-evolving and so too will our approach and assessment of risk to our ecosystem. During 2022 & beyond we’ll constantly review this policy, updating it to reflect current best practice, scientific and public health advice, and to ensure we continue to mitigate the level of risk to our collective wellbeing.

Feedback and questions
If you have any feedback or questions about our COVID policy, please talk to your team facilitator in the first instance, or contact Harv for a chat.

Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou katoa – thank you all.

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