27 September 2019

Brian Henderson: That little line that says it all…

Long time listener, first time caller.

The caveat to my first-ever blog is that I’m not here to teach anything new. This is a gentle nudge towards the things that you know and need reminding of. We all have questions. Searching, probing or curious by nature. If you think the questions aren’t there, then you don’t understand the gravity of the position that you are in. Refer to the powerful literature referencing ‘The Dash’, that little gap on your headstone between your DOB and DOD. What makes up your dash? How are you filling it up?

The answers to your questions lie within the people around you, whether these are dear friends or strangers from afar. Relay your questions to the people, and the answers will come. This was highlighted to me twice in the past month, both at Collective Intelligence sessions. In the Collective Intelligence environment, permission is granted to be provided with the answers, or to be enlightened by other people’s questions.

First up at a ‘Collective Conversations’ lunch series, made up of local people, some known to me but most not, the answers were disguised as learnings and opinions. They were varied, powerful and surpassed my expectations by a country mile. Delving into topics that we all know about, but don’t stop to reflect upon.

On the eve of a Rugby World Cup, it alarmed me to discover that many felt that our national ‘game’ isn’t rugby, it’s the humiliation of others. Surely this contributes a significant proportion to New Zealand’s social distress? It’s important to ask the question of yourself, how do I contribute to this? Worse still, do I step over it when I see others partaking? What will I do next time?

What about our sense of community, co-dependence and connectivity? What do these big topics mean to you, and how do they affect the way we turn up? Or the potential of young people? What can we learn from them, and be supportive of in their learnings – the old adage, “in children we are led.”

The second ‘hit’ was from my Collective Intelligence team. Cue to our meeting and the new guy, who, within hours of meeting me hit the nail on the head. He gave me the exact answer to the question I didn’t know I had. This was closely followed by another member, best described as someone I trust implicitly, and in the form of an ever-so-gently phrased three-word question, “Are you ….?” It felt like knock-out punch, but quickly turned into an epiphany. Something if I want to be better personally and professionally, only I can deal with.

The answers to your questions are in the people around you. Just ask them. Give people permission to answer them honestly and frankly, in an environment where it is safe to shine the torch into such dark places.

And where do you find such an environment? Within the community we call Collective Intelligence!

Brian Henderson – September 2019

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