Our Impact

What was your purpose for joining Collective Intelligence?

  • 81%

    Exploring my own development

  • 35%

    Changing Perspectives

  • 22%

    Support for my work

  • 21%

    Overcoming ‘isolation’

How have you developed during your time as a member?

  • 71%

    More authentic

  • 74%

    More confident

  • 60%

    Better Quality Relationships

  • 83%

    More open-minded

  • 79%

    Better listener

  • 85%

    More effective overall

Source: Collective Intelligence Member Survey 2018

Our Impact - what members are saying

"A massive paradigm shift around leadership and the skills and mindset needed to be a good one"

International award winning winemaker

"Listening to others without being judgemental"

Co-founder of boutique education and sports tourism company

"Didn’t think there would be value – for anyone – in me hosting a day. Team twisted my arm and the session was pure gold"

Senior change specialist

"Host day was confronting, honest. More than anyone has ever been with me throughout my life."

Entrepreneur, adventure park developer

"My emotional intelligence has increased significantly."

Managing Director, hospitality industry

"Be prepared to make a stand. I don’t have to accept a workplace that is broken. I have options, and the ability to have strong conversations about what is broken. "

Medical Doctor

"My awareness of others is far greater today, the exposure to different view points is changing my level of empathy."

Award winning Organic Dairy Farmer

"To get some valuable insights from people who have a completely outside perspective. An opportunity to be challenged on my own thinking."

Fundraising Manager

"A chance to invest in myself my priorities and my authenticity"

CEO, Talent Development

"Collective Intelligence is part of my professional growth and development. It has been there for the journey with me - and challenged me when I needed it most"

Director, Accounting Firm

"It challenges me to be the best version of 'me’ I can, and by my choice."

Senior Manager, Advertising Agency

"It has given me perspective and a freshness that I didn't realise I needed."


What is a B Corp?

It’s a company that uses the power of the marketplace to help solve social and environmental problems.   

It is to business what Fair Trade is to coffee and USDA Organic is to milk.

B Corps are certified to meet comprehensive standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

It’s real, it’s rigorous, and most importantly, you can trust it.

Learn More

That’s why Jay Coen Gilbert, Bart Houlahan and Andrew Kassoy co-founded B Lab, the nonprofit that certifies B Corps. It does a 360 degree assessment of how a business operates and not only verifies, but provides a roadmap for continual improvement.

Check out the results of our 360 degree assessment here.

Who else is B Corp certified?  Patagonia,  Allbirds, Ethique, and Little Yellow Bird  to name a few familiar names.

There are now 2,564 B Corps in over 50 countries and 130 Industries, and more are signing up every week. It’s pretty cool.

Commitment is what defines the B Corp movement, because helping to solve social and environmental problems through business is hard. It takes extra resources, a lot more time, and there are costs that competitors don’t bear.

Plus you can’t put it aside whenever it suits you, picking and choosing when to be a good citizen. It has to be part of every moment of every day.

That is B Corp. And that is why we are proud to stand next to so many great companies doing things a better way, demonstrating that business can be a powerful force for good in the world. We’re hopeful the idea will continue to catch on. It’s certainly encouraging that the world’s largest investment firm BlackRock made a bold call to CEOs to start showing how their businesses are contributing positively to society.

Change just might be afoot.


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