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3 Anake Goodall: Global thinker and change-maker

29 September 2019

From Southland-born kid with the world stacked up against him, to freezing worker, to Harvard graduate and CEO of Ngāi Tahu and beyond, Anake Goodall’s career has been as varied as his interests.

Attracted to good people grappling with wicked problems, Anake has overcome multiple challenges in his own life. “I’m a medical experiment” he quips, “and I’ve got the great fortune of being a successful one”.

This is a rare glimpse into Anake’s life and work. Incredibly wise and articulate, he’s not one for telling his story in public, so I’m extremely privileged and stoked to have been granted time in front of the mic with him. A strong advocate for the power of individual, for, in his words, “we’re all it – we’re the people we’re waiting for”, this is an inspiring listen.

Anake opted for a chocolate thank-you from our series sponsors, Te Awanga Estate.

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