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38 Carla na Nagara: Director, Suicide Prevention Office, MoH

21 April 2021

Carla and Harv Montage

Getting to the heart of what motivates a person to become a Coroner, and then Director, Suicide Prevention Office at the Ministry of Health, was what I was hoping to get to in this long-awaited chat with Carla na Nagara. I think we nailed it in this very precious and informative interview on a challenging topic.

Please note: in this interview mental health issues, suicide and suicide prevention are discussed. If you find this podcast upsetting or triggering, talking with someone about how you are feeling can be helpful. This includes friends and family or others in your life, or you can contact formal support services, such as 1737 Need to Talk? Free call or free text 1737 (in NZ) any time for support from a counsellor or peer. The NZ Mental Health Foundation website also has a list of resources/helplines under the ‘Find Support’ tab of its home page.

In this episode, Harv also refers to his family’s experience with suicide – something he wrote about in this 2017 blog.

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