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4 Anna Guenther: Chief Bubble-Blower, PledgeMe

15 October 2019

I first heard Anna Guenther speak at a TED talk in Wellington back in 2012. She introduced the idea that crowdfunding was going to change the world and, as I’d never heard of crowdfunding, I was intrigued as to how it was going to do this.

Anna was then, and still is, a powerhouse of energy and passion to do what she thinks is right. We often don’t agree and that’s cool (well for me anyway!), but I have immense respect for her.

She was one of Collective Intelligence’s first scholarship recipients and used this opportunity to great effect, her team helping her mould PledgeMe into the success it is today.

Anna’s Te Awanga Estate wine choice is on standby for her to enjoy with us when she’s next back across the ditch from her base in Brisbane.

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