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42 Joseph Michael: Visual Artist & EHF Fellow

28 June 2021

Joseph Michael

So here I am, walking down the road in Wellington talking to this fella Joseph Michael, between events at an Edmund Hillary Fellowship gig, and I say, “what’s your thing Joe?”

We Kiwis are often way too modest, but his response was out of bounds! What an amazing story this is – a journey into worlds that most of us will never see – unless we experience one of Joseph’s incredible art installations.

This podcast brought to your ears with the support of Te Awanga Estate.

Links and artworks mentioned in podcast:

  • 2019 CNN News article [3:05]: featuring Joseph’s Antarctic iceberg art installation on the side of the UN building in New York.
  • 2021 Amazon – Raised Up Sky [19:05]: an insight into the project Joseph’s currently working on – an augmented reality art installation that places the viewer in the heart of the Amazonian rainforest.
  • Some of the trees that Joseph has been filming and digitising for his artwork are located in the Brazilian Amazon near where New Zealand environmentalist Sir Peter Blake was brutally murdered – a story revisited in the newly-released feature film The Garden of Evil (2021).


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