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5 Ballard Pritchett: Sage Developer of Teams

28 October 2019

It’s not often you get a chance to chat with someone with so much international experience in academia and business.

Of all the places Ballard Pritchett and his wife could have chosen to live when emigrating from the United States, they chose Timaru. Lucky Timaru has been the recipient of Ballard’s brilliant influence ever since, thanks to his work with the local DHB building leadership teams.

I was fascinated to hear what he was up to and how his work is having an impact. His Collective Intelligence team has helped him evolve his new life in Aotearoa, and he gives us some real insight into what this sort of support has entailed.

Ballard is still trying to figure out which of our sponsor’s (Te Awanga Estate), wines is to his liking. It’s a tough choice!

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