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52 Andy Lowe: CEO, Te Manawa

29 November 2021

Harv and Andy Lowe

From a very average mechanic, to puppeteer, to managing touring exhibitions at Te Papa, and then CEO of Te Manawa…this chat with Andy Lowe was always going to be an interesting one, and then some! As he would say, his has not been a ‘normal life’, and nothing he’s done has come easily, but what an inspiring example of owning your own story and courageously sharing it.

Please note: If listening to any aspects of Andy’s story sparks a personal awakening for you, questions, or a need to seek advice, he suggests the following (New Zealand-based) support resources: Gender Minorities Aotearoa, Youthline, Victim Support, NZ Prostitutes Collective and Eating Disorders NZ.

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