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58 Horomona Horo & Jeremy Mayall: Musicians

19 May 2022

We kick off Series 4, and our new look, with a kōrero with two outstanding musicians. Horomona Horo and Jeremy Mayall took our vision to create a unique people-focussed ecosystem (inspired by mother nature), and turned it into a beautiful living, breathing piece of music for us. When I heard Te Wao Manahua – within the flourishing forest, it gave me such an amazing feeling…because they had created a magical space, one that we want to work in and connect others into. Have a listen. Not only to the sounds of te ngahere, the forest, but also to the story of their creative process, and the similarities it has with the creative growth process we practise in our Collective Intelligence teams.

This podcast brought to your ears with the support of Te Awanga Estate.

>>>Notes to accompany the story of the track: Te Wao Manahua – within the flourishing forest

The instruments used:
This track utilises taonga puoro (traditional Māori musical instruments): including porotiti, pahu pounamu, putorino, kōauau and pākuru. These are paired with layers of electronic sound, piano, effects, and field recordings from the bush of Aotearoa.

The musicians:
Horomona Horo and Jeremy Mayall are long-standing collaborators and sonic explorers, and they regularly move beyond genre, style and cultural boundaries into hybrid sonic forms, all emerging from a basis of conversation and flowing through an improvisational setting to explore time and place. This collaboration takes a number of forms, but one of the more prominent ones is under the ensemble name ‘AWE’.

Horomona Horo (Ngāpuhi, Taranaki, Ngāti Porou): is a composer, practitioner and cross genre collaborator, who has fused the traditional instruments of the Māori, taonga puoro, within a diverse range of cultural and musical forms. Mentored by tohunga (experts) of taonga puoro, the late Dr Hirini Melbourne and Richard Nunns, Horo has become one of the leading international Māori faces of Taonga Puoro. Performances in prestigious events from his iwi through to AAF and WOMAD here in NZ, through to concerts for World EXPOs in China, as well as both Commonwealth- and Olympic Games-related concerts. He is a creative individual who can create sounds from the world around him, and is a member of the Haumanu Collective.

Dr Jeremy Mayall: is a composer, artist, researcher and performer who works in music, sound art, installation and multimedia formats. His work explores the interrelationships between sound, time, space, the senses, and the human experience. He specialises in collaborative creative practice through multi=disciplinary and multi-sensory work both within the creative sector and beyond. He has performed around the world as a soloist and in ensembles. He is also the CEO of Creative Waikato, and is a joyful advocate for arts, culture and creativity and the role that they play as an essential part of community wellbeing.

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