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9 Rumi Shivaz: Managing Director, Midas Infomedia

4 January 2020

What is it like to come to a new country and a new culture with English as your third language? What drove a young Rumi Shivaz to leave war-torn Sri Lanka as a highly-trained IT professional and head to Aotearoa? What kept him motivated to slog his way back up the career ladder in his adopted country? In this episode I’m stoked to be able to explore Rumi’s life-journey with him and find out what he’s working on in his company Midas Infomedia

Rumi is a lovely man with a huge heart who has confronted head-on many barriers, both external and internal, during his career. I feel very fortunate to have met this unique character.

Rumi chose our sponsor’s (Te Awanga Estate) 2016 ‘The Banger’ Cabernet Sav/Syrah. Excellent choice! 

*Please note: in this interview, mental health and suicide topics are discussed. The NZ Mental Health Foundation website has a list of resources/helplines if you are worried about someone or need help yourself.

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