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Pod Resource 1: Ian McDougall on his Gen Z ‘8 key effectiveness skills’ research

28 April 2020

In this podcast resource you’ll hear Ian McDougall, founder of Business Genetics and our Episode 16 guest, share with Harv of Collective Intelligence the results of some astounding research he’s done with Gen Z’ers. Using a select group of early-stage leaders/execs, Ian identified 8 factors seen as essential ‘effectiveness’ skills (agility, ambiguity, emotional intelligence, failing, flexibility, integrity, forming trusted & enduring relationships, and judgement) needed to navigate the new world that lies ahead. We can all, regardless of age, learn from this one (and make use of it in our workplace recruitment strategies).

Visit the master podcast page to view a transcript and timestamps of when each skill is discussed in detail. Or download a 2-page reference summary of the work that Ian kindly put together for us.

Just think what a team of people with these attributes could achieve together – they would be ‘unbeatable’! The two Ian’s agree here that the notion of leadership is now obsolete and should be replaced with the idea of ‘effectiveness’ – and as Ian McDougall points out, ‘Collective Intelligence is very good at producing effective people’.

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