Scholarship Program

For people with great potential but limited resources, the Collective Intelligence Koru Scholarship Programme pays for Collective Intelligence membership fees for three years.

Our Koru Scholarships are possible thanks to Ian Harvey’s generosity and some amazing patrons.We want to continue to expand the number of scholarships we offer and we keep an active scholarship waiting list.

Hit the button below to email us and register your interest in becoming a scholar, or to nominate someone worthy. Our application process starts with a phone conversation, so be sure to include your contact details:


Previous Recipients

  • Alana Crooks

    I am a fierce optimist who works for an advertising agency in the heart of Wellington. I am a curious soul and a problem solver. I am a protective older sister of five. I love to connect with people. I love to sing. I ask a lot of questions. I love a good cup of tea.

  • Erana Severne

    Ko wai au?
    I am a vibrant, fun, insightful, curious, young Maori woman who believes in growing and developing leaders to reach their full potential. I am a beautiful blend of Turangi bush pig and Nga puhi superstar.

  • James McCarthy

    The Collective Intelligence scholarship program eased my path into an environment that I would have otherwise found threatening and risky without the support of my Collective Intelligence team, and with the absence of a financial barrier this made all the difference. I helped grow an aviation software business to be one of the largest aircraft tracking companies in the world, whilst being profitable, over the course of a decade.

Current Recipients

Collective Intelligence is an amazing place to challenge your developmental edges. That might be communication or influencing skills, building confidence, working through difficult times, and further developing your competence, ambition, curiosity and authenticity. Our Koru Scholarship recipients gain all this, as do the other members of your team, plus a deep sense of community.

  • Nathan Bramwell

    As manager of Waikato Queer Youth. I am passionate about social work for community organisations. I care deeply about empowering the wellbeing of local communities especially the Rainbow/LGBTI+ populations and children, and I enjoy volunteering – particularly anything related to rainbow wellbeing, accessibility, statistics and social analytics and sustainability. I work to shift and challenge the narrative of what society classes as “normal” and create spaces for systemic change to lead to safety for people living their truths. I am also extremely passionate about connecting people to supportive communities and empowering sustainable societies and, most importantly, spreading love and laughter and the joy in learning from each other and our stories.

    Image: Outgoing scholar Alana Crooks (L) awarding her Koru to Nathan (R).

  • Amy McLean

    Ko Tainui te waka
    Ko Waikato te iwi
    Ko Te Papa o Rotu te marae
    Ko Amy McLean tōku ingoa

    I’m an ambitious high achiever with a modest dash of feminism and a burning desire for raising the platform and spreading the voices of indigenous women. In 2017 I was awakened to my truth, my power, and my culture. I jumped off the corporate ladder, and stepped up into my mana as an Indigenous Entrepreneur and Professional Coach. Curiosity underpins a lot of who I am, I love to ask questions, to explore and to wonder, what if and what else. It’s what makes me a powerful coach. It also shows up in the way I parent, stretching the potential and the minds of my daughters, allowing them to learning and try, to fail and grow.

  • Eva Gluyas Scholarship: Gemma Major

    We are certain our friend Eva would be smiling now in approval of the first recipient of her scholarship, Gemma Major, co-founder of Seed Waikato. Collective Intelligence would like to thank everyone involved in bringing the first recipient of the Eva Gluyas Scholarship to reality: to the generous businesswoman who donated 3 years of funding; to Peter Roband and Saskia van der Geest who offered training to the winner; to our independent team of three selectors; to the Gift Trust for putting the system in place so quickly, allowing the donations charitable status; and finally to all the brave women who were ‘into design’ and submitted their applications in honour of Eva.

    The last words go to Gemma:  “The opportunity Collective Intelligence provides not only to myself, but to Seed Waikato, is massive, and I’m so grateful for the investment into my potential.
    Eva has a meaningful and inspiring legacy, and it’s an honour to be a recipient of her scholarship.”

  • Stephanie Buckeridge

    I am a young Massey Grad, working full time and running my very own recently born business called The Scrub Collab, established in May 2017. Later in 2017 I entered the local Innovate Competition where I well and truly exceeded my expectations and goals for my business in a matter of weeks. It was here I was introduced to Collective Intelligence and became a scholarship recipient. I am now working towards a nationwide brand that is collaborative – for the customer and the environment.

  • Monique Jellick

    I am POWTR Monique Jellick, a hippy kid from Northland who rebelled against her parents and joined the Royal New Zealand Navy, I’ve served for nearly 12 years now and have had an amazing career. I have very strong family ties and go home a lot, I am very easy to talk to and empathetic and usually end up as the ship’s ‘mother hen’. I am very social and love being around people! I love to travel and have many other overseas trips on the horizon.

  • Kylie Love

    As a recipient of the Innovate 2018 Collective Intelligence scholarship, I admit to being a self-professed beauty nerd and love all things to do with the skin. I currently work as a beauty educator, where I aim to use innovative strategies to enhance student learning. I’m passionate about the beauty sector and the opportunities for the industry to grow and have two start-up businesses that reflect this. I’m the Founder of SELF Digital Beauty that is a cloud based software that focuses on skin analysis and retail sales of products for beauty salons and training establishments. In my latest venture I’m the co-founder of a company called Tailored Forms, where people can customise their own consultation forms digitally. This is an exciting new space for the health and wellness markets.

  • Alexander Miller

    I’m a recent UC graduate, originally from Wellington but I’ve been based in Christchurch for the last few years. Besides my areas of study in Physics and Computer Science, I’m a serial entrepreneur and I’m always keen to push myself further. I work with Banqer to bring financial education to thousands of Kiwi kids and I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner!

  • Tui Williams

    I am passionate about how to empower people to be the best version of themselves, and how we can connect diverse individuals to work together to improve the mauri of ecosystems.

    I have a range of experience participating and managing start up, and social enterprise programs and accelerators, curating and running events from small intimate groups of 20 to over 1300 people. I am a co-founder of a start up, The Social Experiment; bringing together extraordinary people to work collectively on the issues that matter to them. I’m also the curator of the Auckland Global Shapers – a network of over 7000 young people across the world. I run innovation and education programs and consult on building community and community spaces.

    Collective Intelligence has given me belonging, our team feels like a family. It has helped me see my blindspots, in all aspects of my life. It has allowed me to see different perspectives and different ways of doing things. It has also given me accountability and has been so beneficial for the kaupapa I work on.

Our Scholarship koru – symbols of learning and growth

Our founder, Harv, loves to work in wood.

He’s carved these beautiful koru sculptures as gifts to our new Koru Scholarship recipients to set them off on their learning and development journeys with Collective Intelligence.

To us, the koru represents new life and emerging energy, which the young people coming through the scholarship program all have in abundance.

The koru are part of the Collective Intelligence family. They stay with their scholar during their three-year tenure and then return to the home whānau sculpture (pictured) at Collective Intelligence HQ, before being reissued to the next recipient.

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