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For people who want to change their world

For people with great potential but limited resources, the Collective Intelligence Koru Scholarship Programme pays for Collective Intelligence membership fees for three years.

Our Koru Scholarships are possible thanks to our founder, Ian Harvey’s generosity, and some pretty amazing patrons. We keep an active scholarship waiting list and hope to expand the number of scholarships we offer to support young entrepreneurs and change-makers, via our donor programme.

Hit the button below to email us and register your interest / receive a scholarship application form. We advertise current availability of scholarships via our social media channels (Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter):

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Previous Recipients

  • Amy McLean

    Ko Tainui te waka
    Ko Waikato te iwi
    Ko Te Papa o Rotu te marae
    Ko Amy McLean tōku ingoa

    I’m an ambitious high achiever with a modest dash of feminism and a burning desire for raising the platform and spreading the voices of indigenous women. In 2017 I was awakened to my truth, my power, and my culture. I jumped off the corporate ladder, and stepped up into my mana as an Indigenous Entrepreneur and Professional Coach. Curiosity underpins a lot of who I am, I love to ask questions, to explore and to wonder, what if and what else. It’s what makes me a powerful coach. It also shows up in the way I parent, stretching the potential and the minds of my daughters, allowing them to learning and try, to fail and grow.

  • Eva Gluyas Scholarship: Gemma Major

    We are certain our friend Eva would be smiling now in approval of the first recipient of her scholarship, Gemma Major, co-founder of Seed Waikato. Collective Intelligence would like to thank everyone involved in bringing the first recipient of the Eva Gluyas Scholarship to reality: to the generous businesswoman who donated 3 years of funding; to Peter Roband and Saskia van der Geest who offered training to the winner; to our independent team of three selectors; to the Gift Trust for putting the system in place so quickly, allowing the donations charitable status; and finally to all the brave women who were ‘into design’ and submitted their applications in honour of Eva.

    The last words go to Gemma:  “The opportunity Collective Intelligence provides not only to myself, but to Seed Waikato, is massive, and I’m so grateful for the investment into my potential.
    Eva has a meaningful and inspiring legacy, and it’s an honour to be a recipient of her scholarship.”

  • Kylie Love

    As a recipient of the Innovate 2018 Collective Intelligence scholarship, I admit to being a self-professed beauty nerd and love all things to do with the skin. I currently work as a beauty educator, where I aim to use innovative strategies to enhance student learning. I’m passionate about the beauty sector and the opportunities for the industry to grow and have two start-up businesses that reflect this. I’m the Founder of SELF Digital Beauty that is a cloud based software that focuses on skin analysis and retail sales of products for beauty salons and training establishments. In my latest venture I’m the co-founder of a company called Tailored Forms, where people can customise their own consultation forms digitally. This is an exciting new space for the health and wellness markets.

Current Recipients

Collective Intelligence is an amazing place to challenge your developmental edges. That might be communication or influencing skills, building confidence, working through difficult times, and further developing your competence, ambition, curiosity and authenticity. Our Koru Scholarship recipients gain all this, as do the other members of your team, plus a deep sense of community.

  • Neena Davison

    I’m 22, and currently work for a corporation. I’m passionate about great culture and know that it has a bigger impact than any flash strategy. Although I am only starting out in my professional career, I understand how culture, values, and empowering people to do their best work is at the heart of good business.

    I am super appreciative of this scholarship, which has recognised my bravery in speaking up for the sort of world I want to create. I have potential. I have ideas, I show up and ask questions and step up when there is a need, offer support when required, and I am not afraid to suggest where I can see the chance for change or improvement.

    In my spend my spare time I’m working towards my Private Pilot’s Licence (fixed-wing). Because I am young and just starting to try to figure out who I am, what I’m going to do, and what I hope to achieve; I really want to learn from the experience of others, through spending time with my new Collective Intelligence team.

  • Fia Jones

    I’m CEO of a kickass company. As a founder I raised half a million dollars at the age of 21, and I lead a company Astrix Astronautics that has two pending patents and…we’ve just built a spacecraft that’s awaiting launch early 2022 with Rocket Lab.

    I foster a very down to earth and real culture at my company. Hype and exaggeration are common in start-ups, however, we like to let our actions and progress do the talking (which is why we are sending a prototype to space this year).

    As a physicist I have a critical problem-solving mindset, but I value listening, empathy and understanding before providing solutions. On a day-to-day basis, I value kindness and treating others with respect, for I think that’s an absolute first-step necessity for making the world a better place.

    Fia’s 3-year scholarship with us is funded through the generosity of the fellows of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship (our founder Ian Harvey is member of cohort 8).

  • Vivien Conway

    Having worked in the Social Media space for the last few years, I recently co-founded the women’s wellness brand, Girls Get Off (GGO). Our customers love GGO because it makes talking about pleasure and buying sex toys a simple and positive experience. We’re personally really passionate about female empowerment, and hearing feedback from our customers about how they feel more confident or how their sex lives have changed is always rewarding. Although I studied Food Science at Uni, my career background is actually in Social Media marketing. Social Media is one of the key drivers for our business at GGO and I’m looking forward to continue using it as a tool to build out our GGO community.

    Image: Viv Conway (centre) flanked by her nominator Maria King (L) and Ian Harvey (R).

  • Lei Gu

    I moved to Aotearoa in Year 12 as an international student. Having experienced different cultures growing up, I’ve developed strong empathy, open-mindedness and the ability to put myself in other people’s shoes. This, plus my Sociology background, has given me the tools to think more critically, and look beyond the surface to see the reasoning behind issues and different narratives. I am a business consultant who is passionate about system change. I’m part of a group called Global Shapers that focuses on driving local and global change and we recently started exploring how it might look to apply the ‘Doughnut Economics’ model to Auckland city – as a tool for city-level holistic thinking and decision-making.

    Image: Outgoing scholar Tui Williams (L) awarding her Koru to Lei (R).

  • Hamish Lee

    I studied renewable energy engineering and started my company Greener because I am passionate about environmental preservation. I travelled the world by myself throughout my 20’s and am constantly improving and refining my communication skills. I have been lucky enough to be subject to many of the wondrous things the natural world can provide – vistas, food, clean air, fun, spiritual connection. I am also very aware of the negative effects humanity is having on our beautiful planet. I’m a dreamer! I’m not afraid to think big and think with the future in mind. One of our company values is – “make sure what we do today, makes the world a bit better tomorrow”. I want to create a world that I am proud to hand down to my children.

  • Hans Kim

    What if people went to work in search of freedom and fulfilment, over money and status? How would businesses operate differently? What kinds of artworks would we create, and crafts would we pursue? Would people be any happier? I don’t know, but I’d like to find out. I work with people and organisations that I love to conduct experiments and design products that help to close the distance between this future and current reality. I founded a multicultural, multidisciplinary design practice called MASS Ltd – a collective of talents in search of a greater challenge and a more fulfilling way of work – and I also teach design at the University of Auckland.

  • Nathan Bramwell

    As manager of Waikato Queer Youth. I am passionate about social work for community organisations. I care deeply about empowering the wellbeing of local communities especially the Rainbow/LGBTI+ populations and children, and I enjoy volunteering – particularly anything related to rainbow wellbeing, accessibility, statistics and social analytics and sustainability. I work to shift and challenge the narrative of what society classes as “normal” and create spaces for systemic change to lead to safety for people living their truths. I am also extremely passionate about connecting people to supportive communities and empowering sustainable societies and, most importantly, spreading love and laughter and the joy in learning from each other and our stories.

    Image: Outgoing scholar Alana Crooks (L) awarding her Koru to Nathan (R).

  • Alexander Miller

    I’m a recent UC graduate, originally from Wellington but I’ve been based in Christchurch for the last few years. Besides my areas of study in Physics and Computer Science, I’m a serial entrepreneur and I’m always keen to push myself further. I work with Banqer to bring financial education to thousands of Kiwi kids and I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner!

Our Scholarship koru – symbols of learning and growth

Our founder, Harv, loves to work in wood.

He’s carved these beautiful koru sculptures as gifts to our new Koru Scholarship recipients to set them off on their learning and development journeys with Collective Intelligence.

To us, the koru represents new life and emerging energy, which the young people coming through the scholarship program all have in abundance.

The koru are part of the Collective Intelligence family. They stay with their scholar during their three-year tenure and then return to the home whānau sculpture (pictured) at Collective Intelligence HQ, before being reissued to the next recipient.

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