Scholarship Program

The Collective Intelligence Scholarship Program provides an opportunity for individuals with unlimited potential and limited resources to benefit from being part of a Collective Intelligence team.

The scholarship covers fees for three years tuition. It is only possible thanks to the generosity of Ian Harvey and some amazing patrons!!

Previous Recipients

  • Anna Guenther

    CQ provided me the support network to make some hard decisions with my business. Without that diversity of perspective and depth of experience, I’m not sure I would have progressed to the next level of my business. I would highly recommend CQ as a chance to get outside your normal bubble of feedback, and gain a wider understanding of what leadership can look like.

  • James McCarthy

    The Collective Intelligence scholarship program eased my path into an environment that I would have otherwise found threatening and risky without the support of my Collective Intelligence team, and with the absence of a financial barrier this made all the difference. I helped grow an aviation software business to be one of the largest aircraft tracking companies in the world, whilst being profitable, over the course of a decade.

  • Sara Satterthwaite

    Joining CQ less than three months into my first, post-university, proper job ended up being invaluable in helping me navigate one of the biggest transitions of my life. I will never forget breaking down in tears in my second meeting when they helped me realise that I wasn’t a colossal failure. I come back to the epiphany often to remember to be kinder to myself. I built faith in my ability to facilitate, listen, question and be intuitive around that CQ table until eventually, they kicked me up the proverbial to go on my OE. Thus, being partially responsible for the second biggest transition in my life!

Current Recipients

Collective Intelligence is an amazing place to challenge your developmental edges. That might be communication or influencing skills, building confidence, working through difficult times, and further developing your competence, ambition, curiosity and authenticity. Our scholarship students gain all this, as do the other members of your team, plus a deep sense of community.

  • Brogan Lomax

    My name is Brogan and I am a strong-willed, introverted-but-not-shy, compassionate, honest (some might say blunt), intelligent, insightful, resilient, adaptable Mormon girl. I grew up moving around the country with my family, living in 20 homes and attending 7 schools by the time I was 18. I grew up fairly invisible to peers as a result of this, but I believe this has given me the ability to see those people who might be invisible to others.

    I have a great love for the arts; in particular, literature. I am an avid reader and often wish that I could absorb books through osmosis while I sleep.
    I have a strong sense of social justice, and believe that all people have the right to healthcare, education and housing. I believe in advocating for those who do not have a voice and have a strong pull to work with children and youth.

    CQ has helped to grow my confidence and to embrace and refine my own voice. I have gained so much from CQ, and continue to get so much more as I attend and reflect on meetings.

  • Longo Takataka

    My name is Longo Takataka. I was born and raised in Hamilton, New Zealand but have Tongan heritage through both of my parents. I have been blessed with a lot of opportunities throughout my life, which includes being provided with a scholarship to be a part of CQ. I am passionate about health and wellbeing and also providing opportunities for those that are less fortunate with a specific focus on Maori and Pacific people. CQ has broadened my thinking and made me accountable to follow through with my goals. I have connected with a variety of people who I wouldn’t normally associate with and this diversity in thought has allowed me to grow substantially in my professional life. Connecting with others is still a work in progress with me however my journey through CQ is helping me with this.

  • Erana Severne

    Ko wai au?
    I am a vibrant, fun, insightful, curious, young Maori woman who believes in growing and developing leaders to reach their full potential. I am a beautiful blend of Turangi bush pig and Nga puhi superstar.

  • Gerard Barbalich

    I am a young New Zealander hoping to grow high-end technology exports. CQ has aided me in this journey through scalpel-like questions, calls to action, and clarifying my tactics. My CQ team is an eclectic mix of caring, insightful, hard-nosed action seekers.

    While early in my career, I have been inspired by the work of the late Sir Paul Callaghan – to bring cutting edge science to the world, and make New Zealand a place where talent wants to live. I am answering this challenge by learning from New Zealand’s established commercialising scientists, and bringing together areas of personal fascination – genetics, bioinformatics, and computer science.

  • Emily Blyth

    Kia Ora, My name is Emily and I am an entrepreneur dabbling within the weather modification industry to solve growing problems that affect some of our largest industries.
    For me, it is important to find ways to push and challenge myself and my beliefs every day. I love learning through others and make it mandatory to spend 12 hours a week with three under 3 years – taking time to look at the world through a completely different perspective and continue to question how the world operates around us.

    The most pivotal moment in my life was when I met an incredible kiwi entrepreneur who taught me that it is OK to listen to my gut, make mistakes (provided you learn from them) and give things a go. And that through doing so, EXTRAORDINARY things can become possible. I hope through encouraging curiosity, supporting others and living what I preach, that maybe one day I will provide the same self confidence to someone else.

    CQ has helped me to acknowledge my strengths, take notice of my weaknesses and then use these to guide my own personal and professional growth moving forward. Right now I’m focusing on realigning my own values and acknowledging my mistakes, to become a more authentic and confident leader.

  • Monique Jellick

    I am POWTR Monique Jellick, a hippy kid from Northland who rebelled against her parents and joined the Royal New Zealand Navy, I’ve served for nearly 12 years now and have had an amazing career. I have very strong family ties and go home a lot, I am very easy to talk to and empathetic and usually end up as the ship’s ‘mother hen’. I am very social and love being around people! I love to travel and have many other overseas trips on the horizon.

  • Alana Crooks

    I am a fierce optimist who works for an advertising agency in the heart of Wellington. I am a curious soul and a problem solver. I am a protective older sister of five. I love to connect with people. I love to sing. I ask a lot of questions. I love a good cup of tea.

  • Stephanie Buckeridge

    I am a young Massey Grad, working full time and running my very own recently born business called The Scrub Collab, established in May 2017. Later in 2017 I entered the local Innovate Competition where I well and truly exceeded my expectations and goals for my business in a matter of weeks. It was here I was introduced to Collective Intelligence and became a scholarship recipient. I am now working towards a nationwide brand that is collaborative – for the customer and the environment.

Congratulations to The Eva Gluyas Scholarship Recipient

We are certain Eva would be smiling now in approval of Gemma.

Collective Intelligence would like to thank everyone involved in bringing the first recipient of the Eva Gluyas Scholarship to reality.

To the generous businesswoman who donated 3 years of funding.
To Peter Roband and Saskia van der Geest who have offered training to the winner.
To our independent team of three selectors.
To the Gift Trust for putting the system in place so quickly, allowing the donations charitable status.
And finally to the brave women who were into design for submitting their applications in honour of Eva.

The last words go to Gemma:

“The opportunity Collective Intelligence provides not only to myself, but Seed Waikato, is massive, and I’m so grateful for the investment into my potential.
Eva has a meaningful and inspiring legacy, and it’s an honour to be a recipient of her scholarship.”

Our goal is to continue to expand the number of scholarships we offer.

So watch this space. We keep an active waiting list, so don’t hesitate to learn more about this opportunity, and make contact.

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