Strategic Facilitation

Need a meeting facilitator?

We deliver superior strategic facilitation of meetings, including for the public sector.

Our meeting facilitators can plan a meeting from the initial idea through to the end result. Our meeting facilitators work in partnership with you, clarifying the outcomes you want and designing the meeting experience to achieve those.

Anyone can use our meeting facilitator service – not just Collective Intelligence members

Our seasoned meeting facilitators can design fresh experiences – getting people out of the meeting room and into nature. Many of our facilitators specialise in the public sector.

Our meeting facilitators have fresh approaches and tools to support people to:

  • grow
  • open to new possibilities for tacking challenges
  • see new perspectives and opportunities for managing relationships
  • have strategic ‘ah ha’ moments.

People development does not happen overnight. It is a long game. We can accompany your team’s development over time, supporting them to grow their capabilities to do great things.


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