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Our membership is drawn from 70+ industries and represents a great diversity of backgrounds, culture and expertise.

These are people who are busy getting great stuff done and doing stuff that really makes a difference.

From time to time we invite them to share their thoughts here on what makes them tick or inspires them:

The Unfolding Evolution of a Collective Intelligence Team – Part III

July 2021

This blog is the third in a four-part series that shines a spotlight on the evolution (as viewed from the inside!) of an actual Collective Intelligence team. Part III looks at the departure of some team members and arrival of others and the impact on the team. Read the earlier blog articles here: Part I | Part II

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The Unfolding Evolution of a Collective Intelligence Team – Part II

June 2021

This blog is the second in a four-part series that shines a spotlight on the evolution (as viewed from the inside!) of an actual Collective Intelligence team. Part II outlines the second and third year of the team’s development. Check out Part I here.

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The Unfolding Evolution of a Collective Intelligence Team – Part 1

May 2021

This blog is the first in a four-part series that shines a spotlight on the evolution (as viewed from the inside!) of an actual Collective Intelligence team. Part I explores the early days of the team’s development.

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Whaea-power and the Mentalpause…

June 2021

Bettina Anderson, a Collective Intelligence member and staffer, shares her experiences of the ‘mentalpause’ and reflects on Collective Intelligence’s newly-minted ‘Menstrual and Menopause Policy’.

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Lance Gillespie: Finding my new happy place

March 2021

Lance Gillespie, a repeat guest blogger and veteran Collective Intelligence member, pens a follow-up story to his ‘Success, Failure and Farmer Tom’ August 2020 blog.

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Scott McGregor: Rumble in the Jungle

February 2021

Bangkok-based member alumnus, Scott McGregor, shares his thoughts on the need for brave conversations (‘rumbling’ as Brené Brown calls it) as we tackle the big societal issues facing our times…

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Manda Jane Johnson: Facilitator abroad – checking in from New York

February 2021

Collective Intelligence team facilitator, Manda Johnson, ventured stateside last December for an extended spell with her beloved partner Robert (we miss her dearly!). Here she shares with us an update on the contrasts and challenges swopping countries mid-pandemic brings, and her observations on Covid-19, leadership, racism and the ‘Don’…

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Ballard Pritchett: Why I recommend Collective Intelligence

January 2021

Curious about the value our team members get from our program? A facilitator of teams in his own business, entrepreneur and member Ballard Pritchett turns the curiosity lens on himself to pen a review of where his four-year Collective Intelligence journey has taken him. Thank you Ballard for your honesty and generosity in sharing this – a small window into the value and impact your Team NoBull whānau creates for you. Our favourite comment of the many insightful ones herein?

“The experience continues to prove, repeatedly, that collectively we are more intelligent (and healthy) than any of us can be alone.”

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Alina Siegfried: On James McCarthy, A Journey of Personal and Collective Growth

October 2020

Storyteller and member, Alina Siegfried, interviews Collective Intelligence member James McCarthy of Cradle about his Collective Intelligence journey of discovery. ““My toolbox is much more full than a decade ago, and much more full than many of my peers that don’t have this in their life…” says James. With the wisdom of hindsight, James now realises how pivotal his Collective Intelligence team was, not just in his professional life, but in his personal development as well.

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Your ideas distilled – a cumulative tale of our “Build-better, but how?” roadshow

October 2020

During the last quarter of 2020 and into 2021, we’re running an over-lunch ‘ideas distillery’ around the country on a mission to find out what we need to change over the next 20 years to make Aotearoa 2040 the place we all hope and wish it could be. After each event we’ll update this cumulative blog of your ideas as a record of the conversations had and connections made. First up was Hamilton on 13 October, then Auckland on 17 November and Tauranga on 19 November…

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The LIFE STAR: Five points for lifelong wellbeing

September 2020

Collective Intelligence team facilitator, member and founder of the Artemis Group, Sue Johnston, shares with us the story of a special wellbeing tool she’s developed – the LIFE STAR. As a health professional and coach, she’s found that all wellbeing activities fit into one or more of five interconnected areas. Finding a balance between them points to the essentials for living a long and healthy life. Read on to download and try Sue’s LIFE STAR for yourself – she would love to hear how you found using it.

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Alina Siegfried: On Anna Guenther, Hard Negotiations and Collective Intelligence

August 2020

Storyteller and member, Alina Siegfried, interviews Collective Intelligence alumna Anna Guenther of PledgeMe about her Collective Intelligence journey of discovery. “We approach Collective Intelligence as a work expense, but really it’s personal development..” says Anna. And her biggest takeaway? Just how much you can learn from listening and witnessing the feedback given to other people, and how much you can see yourself in them…

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Lance Gillespie: Success, Failure and Farmer Tom

August 2020

Lance Gillespie, a repeat guest blogger and veteran Collective Intelligence member, tells us a story of the niggles that go at you ‘like a mouse in a redband gumboot’ and the inner work involved in taming the can of worms (very biodiverse worms in Lance’s case) that our personal perceptions of success and failure unleash.

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Diane Koch: My ‘harvest of learnings’: International travel and repatriation during COVID-19

June 2020

Diane Koch, part of our wider Collective Intelligence whānau, has captured here what she learnt during her experience navigating international repatriation back to Aotearoa during COVID-19 times…

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Kathy Tracey: what is coaching and how to choose a coach?

May 2020

Kathy Tracey, a former Collective Intelligence team facilitator and ICF-accredited coach, demystifies for us what professional coaching is and shares some tips on how to go about choosing one to support your development…

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Andrew Melville: India’s Blissful River of Life

March 2020

Andrew Melville, Auckland-based Story Hunter-Gatherer and Collective Intelligence member, weaves a tale about a transformational time he spent in India at the The Art of Living Ashram…

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Melissa Jenner: The House of Beautiful Business

January 2020

Melissa Jenner (Founder of START NOW and a past ‘Stuff that Matters Now’ podcast guest) shares her learnings from a unique global think tank, ‘The House of Beautiful Business‘, that she attended in Portugal late last year.

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Alexander Miller: Finding the open door

November 2019

Alexander Miller, recent grad, Lead Developer at Banqer, serial entrepreneur, and our latest Collective Intelligence scholarship awardee, shares his thoughts on the importance of seeing (and seizing) opportunities ahead of joining his new Collective Intelligence team in a few weeks’ time.

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Brian Henderson: That little line that says it all…

September 2019

Brian Henderson, BNZ Senior Partner – Agribusiness, and Collective Intelligence member, gives us a gentle nudge towards the things that we all know and sometimes need reminding of. The need for a safe space to have your questions heard, and answered with the help of those who you surround yourself with.

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Leo Murray: Reflections from the Coal Face of Colonialism

August 2019

Leo Murray, eco-entrepreneur and Collective Intelligence member, shares his compelling viewpoint on Ihumātao after he visited in kotahitanga, solidarity, with the whenua and its protectors.

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Lance Gillespie: What do a farmer and an 83-year old retired sports turf contractor have in common?

June 2019

Lance Gillespie, a veteran Collective Intelligence member and northern Manawatū dairy farmer, chews the fat about the challenges and rewards of regenerative agriculture (climate-smart land management practices) with a retired sports turf contractor. Over a cuppa they find they share a lot of common ground and Lance gets a healthy dose of cross-generational inspiration to fuel his own journey in biological farming practices.

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Bettina Anderson: Toddling in Te Reo Māori

May 2019

Bettina Anderson, a new Collective Intelligence staffer, shares her experiences as a Pākeka who has been on a long journey to learn the first language of this land.

It’s tough going having to unlearn your own well-honed learning style and she invites you to join her in her ‘awkward reo club’, offering up some useful resources to get you started paddling your own waka-o-te-reo.

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Dave Craig: An Inside Look at Facebook HQ

April 2019

Dave Craig, a Collective Intelligence member and southern California native, went on an inside tour of this tech giant’s sprawling San Fran campus. We’ve been reflecting on how social platforms are shaping our interactions (and we them).

So we read with interest in Dave’s tour rundown how Facebook has 1,200 full-time staff tasked with looking for unsafe content 24/7, and these are the people training Facebook’s AI to better identify hateful content and shut it down faster.

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