Our Members’ time is valuable. Our experienced team works to deliver benefits that far exceed the value of your time commitment.

We are always looking for new voices and experiences to add to and support our teams’ growth and development. Diversity is our lifeblood.

Our Philosophy

Our members are competent, ambitious, curious and authentic and seek to develop these further. Generous, open mind and non judgment are the common values that guide our teams in carefully curated and facilitated settings all over New Zealand. We design safe, confidential and brave spaces for teams. A rich mosaic of diversity of industry know-how and backgrounds among Members offers multiple perspectives and value that is difficult to come across anywhere else.

Member Attributes

Does this sound like you?

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Once you have registered your interest, we will set up for you to chat with with one of our Collective Intelligence members. Don’t worry, they’ve raised their hand to do this!

It’s a great opportunity to get to the core of what Collective Intelligence is about, how we do what we do, and the benefits of membership, as well as challenges – from the perspective of an active member.

Curiosity is most welcome!

The outcome of this discussion will help both of you determine if this is a good fit for you now. If so, as a next step, we will send you a “Snapshot” to complete – which will help prospective team members to get to know you a bit better, and your motivations behind your interest in membership.

Each of our teams is individually designed and our goal is to find a match for you that meets the needs of the team as well as your own. Once a match is made, you will receive a welcome kit, an invoice for your joining fee and annual membership fee, and receive access to our Members area of the website.

Then it’s on to your first meeting!

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