Our Team

  • Ian Harvey


    Harv is the founder of Collective Intelligence. His inspiration stemmed from his observation as a company director that key staff were often not supported as individuals to develop their own potential.

    Starting out as Collective Intelligence’s first and only Facilitator 11 years ago, Harv’s role now within Collective Intelligence is to oversee the teams, recruit new members, and keep developing this unique concept. His vision is to develop a professional community in New Zealand that supports its members to achieve their potential.

    He sees his work as being the Chief Cheerleader – the founder who supports the whole team’s efforts in order to give the best results to Collective Intelligence’s members.

  • Karen Duigan

    Chief Organiser (of everybody & everything)

    Karen is an escapee. After 22 years working in a bank she finally ran away. By the time Collective Intelligence found her she was ready for anything. And anything is exactly what she does.

    In Collective Intelligence’s fast-paced, changeable environment, having someone as flexible, capable and adaptable as Karen is essential for our team and for our clients.

    Karen always manages to keep her sense of humour while being an amazing juggler of everyone’s needs. She supports, organises, fills in, follows up, and cares. We would be lost without her.

  • Bettina Anderson

    Content Creator/Digital Do-er

    Bettina is a word-wrangler by trade and provides the grunt to our storytelling and communication strategies. She’s rather fond of pink hair dye and has a background in content creation in the cultural/environmental sectors.

    Championing our BCorp certification is on her mission-critical list, along with providing digital support to join up the dots online for events and meetings.

  • Michelle Gudopp

    Biz Whizz

    As our newest crew member, Michelle, has a skills kete chock-full of business management, finance, HR and marketing expertise. Her whizziness in, and love for a good biz system that supports the services we offer our members, is becoming legendary. Planning is her thing, she loves a good list, and as boring as that sounds, she loves the creativity at Collective Intelligence. She’s rather fond of sunshine, mucking around in the garden or on her lifestyle block, wrangling her two young boys, spending time with her husband and watching a good movie. A keen volunteer, she can be seen regularly donating plasma and knitted blankets for our community.

  • Manda Jane Johnson


    Manda Jane has been engaged in facilitation of groups in a diverse range of areas for 20 years. She is a systems thinker, dedicated to growing people to bring their essential creative self to work and to develop the capacity for true collaboration.

    Her work with Collective Intelligence teams encourages honest communication, innovative thinking and committed action.

    As well as being a facilitator with the Collective Intelligence group, Manda is a director of Unityhouse dedicated to shifting consciousness for a better world.

  • Sue Johnston

    Facilitator & Coach

    A collective intelligence member of a team facilitated by Sue said she could clearly see what Sue’s ‘why’ was. She told Sue that she saw her like a gardener – clearing out the weeds and mess, watering and feeding, so people could get on and grow. “You grow people”, she said.

    Spot on. Sue says her why is to encourage and enthuse people so that they discover what’s really possible in their life and work – and go for it. Sue’s specialty is gently moving people and teams through the knowing – doing gap. From knowing what’s possible towards making it happen.

    Sue has been a Collective Intelligence facilitator since 2011. She brings with her a wisdom and style honed by working for over 20 years with people and complex systems to find improvements that make a difference. She is a certified leadership coach with the International Coach Federation. She is also a Results Certified Coach with the NeuroLeadership Institute and a Certified Daring Way™ and Dare to Lead™ Facilitator working with leaders and organisations committed to becoming more authentic leaders through encouraging innovation and growing courageous and connected teams. Sue’s background as a sportsperson (she played water polo for New Zealand and represented her province in three sports), and having worked in the health and public policy space continue to shape her work as she continues to share her wisdom with people in these arenas.

    Sue lives in Greytown, New Zealand where she mountain bikes, dances samba and enjoys good food and wine.

    Want to get to know her better? Sue features on Episode 27 of our podcast series ‘Stuff that Matters Now’.

  • Jon Lasenby


    Jon has come to corporate facilitation and executive coaching through outdoor education and adventure based development. He always has a solid foundation of theory or research to his work, and presents this is a very practical way that connects easily to real life.

    Jon focuses on the people in a business to drive improvements in performance, believing that individuals with great self awareness, make good leaders and team members, and that high levels of emotional intelligence will be the key to thriving in the increasingly technology driven world of work.

  • Lisa Markwick


    Lisa thrives working with the core of an organization: its people. She applies her expertise in the fields of innovation, social purpose, strategy, team development, leadership consultation, and facilitation. As a trained Clinical Psychologist, diverse experience allows Lisa to connect with a broad range of sectors and people.

    Lisa was the inaugural Director of Leadership Programmes at the NZ Leadership Institute, and also the Director of the leadership consultancy Mindful Adventures Ltd. Lisa is a mindfulness practitioner, an endurance athlete, and is always up for a challenge.

  • Dallis Parker


    Dallis has worked as a Facilitator in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, and Antarctica. Her areas of expertise include behavioral change, leadership development, team management and goal setting.

    Her background also includes systems analysis training, developing training materials for national and international use and leadership training. This wide-ranging experience means that Dallis has the understanding and skills to enable creative and effective dialogue to shape vision, strategy and outstanding operation.

  • Sarah Tocker


    Sarah is a leadership specialist, a business coach and facilitator. Her areas of expertise include behavioral change, authentic leadership, communication, conflict management and strategic leadership development.
    She works with a wide variety of people both, individually and across organisations.

    As a Collective Intelligence facilitator Sarah has a very direct style, and she likes getting to the nub of the issue in the most efficient way.

    Want to get to know her better? Sarah features on Episode 47 of our podcast series ‘Stuff that Matters Now’.

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