Personal and Team development tailored to you

When you become a member of Collective Intelligence, we assign you to a diverse team of people. Teams meet throughout the year around New Zealand in facilitated workshops – focusing on developing each team member’s growth.

How to reset your world with Collective Intelligence

June 2021: A selection of feedback comments from members of our ‘regenerative ecosystem for change-makers’, aka Collective Intelligence. Read on for the nuts and bolts of how our uniquely New Zealand-made, applied model of professional and personal development works for curious and courageous people hellbent on changing the world. Are you ready for your future?

Download a visual summary of how our (r)evolutionary model works.

Diverse Teams

We build diverse teams of people, chosen for their attributes of competence, ambition, curiosity and authenticity. We ensure teams are diverse in people’s background, age, wealth, status, ethnicity, gender and experience.

Sample some of this diversity via our podcasts or guest blogs that feature the Collective.

This diversity gives people powerful, unique peer-to-peer learning opportunities. Diversity in our teams is important because:

  • people’s status and posturing declines
  • feedback is more effective because of the lack of status in the team
  • competent people can safely ask naïve questions
  • you can take inspiration from other industries
  • industries develop at different rates – diversity means you can get to share this
  • hanging out with your own kind is great – but not evolutionary.

Our recommended reading on the power of diverse thinking and how it relates to collective intelligence is Matthew Syed’s book Rebel Ideas.

Collaborate and Collide

Our teams collaborate, collide and disregard convention. We tackle issues facing each of the members – to help accelerate their personal growth. We ensure a fun, safe and respectful environment.

Credible and Unique

Trained facilitators who are qualified and experienced in our methodology – guide the team meetings. Meetings are face to face – and are not available virtually/online.The Collective Intelligence approach is designed to be long lasting and tailored to your individual needs. You get to craft the program with your team mates. Each team is unique, and they govern their own destiny.

Our credibility is clear – we have hundreds of high functioning professionals turning up three times a year, for an average of 6-7 years.

Impacts and benefits of membership

  • You become more effective in your professional and personal life – and help you to create more effective businesses/organisations
  • Long term development that sticks.
  • We give you a safe and confidential place to open up..
  • Less burn out.
  • Your emotional intelligence increases.
  • More clarity.
  • Better strategic decision making.
  • Higher perspective of where you are at.
  • Bravery to face tough decisions. Or have brave conversations.
  • Three times a year you get to step out of your world and concentrate just on you, and your business/profession.
  • Deep reflection and challenge in a safe environment, with team mates you trust will give you a fresh perspective.
  • And you are held to account.
  • Our teams are great with strategy, because they are dispassionate competent professionals with a unique view on your business and life.

We Guarantee:

your view of the world will be will become more effective in your professional and personal life.

you will get feedback no one else will give you.


It’s possible you don’t quickly gel with your team. It’s possible you don’t immediately understand the relevance of the diverse people in your team. It’s possible you’ll expect quick wins from your first meeting. But we work constructively with everyone to ensure their long-term gain from our work.

Collective Intelligence membership
is not:

about promoting and networking your individual business or organisation.

a sickbay – we are a development fitness center.

All our members are:

  • Competent

  • Ambitious

  • Authentic

  • Curious


Once you have been accepted into a team, you will be invoiced for our joining fee and annual membership fee. Membership fees are paid in monthly increments, and we offer a NGO /’Community Good’ discount – please discuss this option with us.

As a business owner, you may be eligible for NZTE funding to offset the cost of your membership fees – contact us for further information.

Also see our Scholarship programme details.

Time Commitment

Each team meets three times a year, with two host meetings and one team focus meeting. The facilitator consults the team to find dates that work for everyone.

Several hours of preparation time will be needed when the member is the host business.

Collective Intelligence organises the meals and meeting venue. Members are responsible for their own transport to and from meetings, their accommodation and meal costs.

Apply Now

Does this sound like you?

If so, read on.

Download our One-Pager


Once you have registered your interest, we will set up for you to chat with with one of our Collective Intelligence members. Don’t worry, they’ve raised their hand to do this!

It’s a great opportunity to get to the core of what Collective Intelligence is about, how we do what we do, and the benefits of membership, as well as challenges – from the perspective of an active member.

Curiosity is most welcome!

The outcome of this discussion will help both of you determine if this is a good fit for you now. If so, as a next step, we will send you a “Snapshot” to complete – which will help prospective team members to get to know you a bit better, and your motivations behind your interest in membership.

Each of our teams is individually designed and our goal is to find a match for you that meets the needs of the team as well as your own. Once a match is made, you will receive a welcome kit, an invoice for your joining fee and annual membership fee, and receive access to our Members area of the website.

Then it’s on to your first meeting!


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