What is Collective Intelligence?

What is Collective Intelligence? Collective Intelligence is a pioneer in developing professional and personal performance. We help people evolve and realise their potential – while supporting them to be more resilient and effective.

The way we do this is unique. Collective Intelligence is a community of diverse and competent people. Members come from all walks of life and bring their unique perspectives with them into the team-based environment.

No two member’s development goals are alike. They can range from building social and emotional intelligence and resilience to strategic acumen or health and wellness.

It is the richness of this diversity of intent, of being and of action that our members tell us that makes the difference for them.

We do this to help people grow and develop – so they can spark positive changes in New Zealand and around the world. Collective Intelligence is committed to helping Kiwis be ready for the big shifts happening now and in the future.

Collective Intelligence empowers business owners, managers, aspiring stars and executives across the public, private and NGO sectors. Our services are for high-performing people, committed to evolving themselves personally and professionally. Our members break through barriers and create the results they want in their organisation and personal life.

Our model is effective – delivering proven results since 2008. We take a uniquely New Zealand approach to developing personal effectiveness. We structured, professionally facilitated team reflection and learning, helping people keep up in today’s fast-paced world. We build diverse teams of people, chosen for competence, ambition, curiosity and authenticity.

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