Stuff That Matters Now

Ian ‘Harv’ Harvey, founder of Collective Intelligence, talks to a bunch of really cool New Zealanders about the hard stuff, the fun stuff, and the epic stuff-ups that have shaped how they go about making the world a better place.


All are members of Collective Intelligence, a unique membership-based leadership development community that helps curious people evolve and become more courageous.


Podcast production supported by the great team at Te Awanga Estate.

4 Anna Guenther: Chief Bubble-Blower, PledgeMe

October 2019

I first heard Anna Guenther speak at a TED talk in Wellington back in 2012. She introduced the idea that crowdfunding was going to change the world and, as I’d never heard of crowdfunding, I was intrigued as to how it was going to do this.

Anna was then, and still is, a powerhouse of energy and passion to do what she thinks is right. We often don’t agree and that’s cool (well for me anyway!), but I have immense respect for her.

She was one of Collective Intelligence’s first scholarship recipients and used this opportunity to great effect, her team helping her mould PledgeMe into the success it is today.

Anna’s Te Awanga Estate wine choice is on standby for her to enjoy with us when she’s next back across the ditch from her base in Brisbane.

3 Anake Goodall: Global thinker and change-maker

September 2019

From Southland-born kid with the world stacked up against him, to freezing worker, to Harvard graduate and CEO of Ngāi Tahu and beyond, Anake Goodall’s career has been as varied as his interests.

Attracted to good people grappling with wicked problems, Anake has overcome multiple challenges in his own life. “I’m a medical experiment” he quips, “and I’ve got the great fortune of being a successful one”.

This is a rare glimpse into Anake’s life and work. Incredibly wise and articulate, he’s not one for telling his story in public, so I’m extremely privileged and stoked to have been granted time in front of the mic with him. A strong advocate for the power of individual, for, in his words, “we’re all it – we’re the people we’re waiting for”, this is an inspiring listen.

Anake opted for a chocolate thank-you from our series sponsors, Te Awanga Estate.

2 Gemma Major: Seed Waikato Co-Founder

September 2019

Gemma Major is the very worthy 2018 recipient of our Eva Gluyas Scholarship, The award criteria were simple. The winner had to be a brave woman who was into designing and implementing some cool stuff aimed at creating a better world. Gemma rose above some very stiff competition and fitted these criteria beautifully. Eva would have approved.

I got to interview Gemma just two days before she went on maternity leave with her first baby. What has Gemma created that is so cool? Seed Waikato, a registered charity with a dream to see young people thrive in the Waikato. Led by millennial’s, for millennial’s, Seed creates epic experiences and opportunities for young people to connect and grow. And Gemma’s bravery? Well have a listen and you will understand.

Gemma chose the Te Awanga Estate Pinot Noir – for a time when she can celebrate!

*Please note: in this interview, mental health and suicide topics are discussed. The NZ Mental Health Foundation website has a list of resources/helplines if you are worried about someone or need help yourself.

1 Rich Alderton: High-Performance Change Specialist

September 2019

In this first episode, I chat with UK-based high-performance change specialist, Rich Alderton. Rich has a wealth of experience in the global corporate sector, and has crafted a business that delivers a high-performance change programme for companies in a very unique and effective way.

He has lashings of that lovely English humour that we are fond of in Aotearoa and a big heart to go with the smarts. I snaffled him for an interview just as he stepped off a long-haul international flight. He was on his way to his Collective Intelligence team meeting that he returns to NZ for every few months (now that’s dedication to our Collective Intelligence community for you).

Rich chose our sponsor’s Te Awanga Estate Syrah 2017. Can’t go wrong with that choice!

0 Ian Harvey: Collective Intelligence Founder

September 2019

In this, Episode 0, I (Ian Harvey) share a little of my motivation for setting up ‘Stuff that Matters Now’, and give you a taster of what to expect when you plug in the headphones.

The issues the world is facing now are not going to be solved by just a few famous people, but by everyday people doing something different, e.v.e.r.y day. Those are the people I wanted to interview, the people that make up our Collective Intelligence community, the people who are out there doing stuff that matters RIGHT now…

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